Outline: Business Process Automation For VNC Edge

Customer: Jimmy Vadera – CEO | Dhara Vadera – MD

Company: Vadera & Company (VNC)

Industry: Event Organisers specializing in exhibitions & expos

Buyer Persona: CEO, CFO, Directors, Owners Founders, Chartered Accountants

Target Group: CPA (Certified Public Accounting Firms), Cost And Accounting Firms and SMEs


A Robust Business Process Automation Software For Vadera & Co.

Vadera & Co. is a chartered accountancy firm that offers services such as; company formation by foreign nationals in India, filing returns, direct & indirect taxes, and outsourcing accounting, auditing, and management consultancy. The company excels in providing a comprehensive solution for accounting and management functions. Over the years, the firm has implemented effective financial management strategies and expert monetary analytic insights that have saved/refunded thousands of dollars/pounds to their clients.

The Evolution Of An Indigenous Vadera & Co. To A Global Corporate

Dhara and Jimmy Vadera have been running Vader & Co. for the past 12 years specializing in business intelligence, predictive analysis, and financial advisory and consultation. The duo had a humble start back in 2010 in a small office set-up, rendering company registration and accounting services to a handful of domestic clients. Today the company stands tall with a global clientele in Asia, the UK, the US, the EU, the Middle East, and the MENA region.


Similarly, reading a large quantum of personal finance data and understanding the financial position of every client is an arduous task for any CPA and CA. A lack of financial analysis vigorously impacts inventory and several verticals. That is where a CPA firm faces a bottleneck, as they have to run an analysis and show their clients the growth for the coming year.

The challenge was to automate the entire operation that heavily depended on human resources and due diligence despite using various software systems.

Usage Of Multiple Software and Difficulty In Crunching Numbers

Every software, whether for attendance, carry out hiring processes or payroll, payments or receivables, emails throws gigabytes of data. This data is filtered, processed, and passed from one person to another to create reports, projections, and presentations. Insights from such reports enable the top management to make decisions to maneuver the growth of an organization.

Why Vadera & Co. Chose Techovarya Solutions

Vadera & Co. is super passionate about accounting and keeping their office super organized. They wanted to build and provide a solution to their clients that could automate the entire accounting operations across all functions.

Team Vadera & Co. chose Techovarya Solutions among several other contemporaries in the market due to the below reasons:

Pedigree: Co-founders education and business background

Exposure – Our work experience in our previous companies in India & abroad

Mettle – The ability to focus on the root cause of problems and our logical and scientific approach

Team & Technology- Stack The Stack of technologies we work on are upmarket and agile

How Team Techovarya Solutions Solved Vadera & Co.’s Problems

Professional accounting and management consultancy firms or medium-large companies that house a sizable team administer their finance and management functions using software such as; eSSL, Jira, Tally, Quickbooks, Shopify, Everhour, Sagepay, Emails, etc.

VNCEdge is a tool that helps CPA firms and large companies to seamlessly communicate through various software across departments, removing information gaps. This minimizes human dependency and enables businesses to connect all the dots and do gap analysis based on region, or department-wise. Now there is no need to scramble through multiple excels. Getting a graphical report to derive a growth strategy for the subsequent financial year has never been easier. The system provides users on-the-go reports for the whole year with predictions and collaboration tools like team chat and task management.


The Results

Hence, VNC Edge Was Born

  • Serving 158+ Business

  • Exchanging and processing more than 10Gb data per day
  • Connecting 50+ applications in one platform such as