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Business Process Automation (BPA) is a modern approach to reducing repetitive, mundane tasks and bringing digital automation to businesses.

Manually-done activities consume time, effort and have chances of human errors. Understanding each businesses’ unique requirements, the custom-tailored Business Processes Automation solutions aim to automate such activities.

Techovarya helps businesses to automate several processes. Our solution based approach minimizes human errors and improves workflow efficiency.



Billing & Invoicing management

With manually entering invoice data, matching purc hase orders, creating invoices, and much more, the traditional invoicing system is tedious, time consuming and error-prone. This is why automating this process is a wiser decision for organizations.

Our automated billing and invoicing process solutions take all the menial tasks of an accounting department and use automation to complete them.

This effective business process automation solution-

Matching PO against quotations and creating the invoice.

Pushing data in the CRM software for that business account.

Routing invoices to the right people for approval which reduce the turnaround time.

Extracts invoice information and then push the data into your accounting software system.

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Our solutions cut down on error rates, reduce approval & processing times, saves human cost, avoid making late payments, and do a lot more.

Connecting 50+ applications in one platform such as:



With a carefully designed customer onboarding process, you can win over your customers from the very first time of your interaction. However, a lot of effort goes into it. Right from syncing contacts across systems to managing  lead generation activities, things can fall through the cracks without proper attention to detail. But, an automated onboarding flow can help accelerate your customer onboarding process.

Our customer onboarding process automation solutions enable you with -

Registration of a customer from a lead with predefined triggers

Automating the data collections from customer.

Sending Automated messages to customers for compliance formalities.

Digitize paper-based processes with e-signatures for contracts.

Sending personalize messages based on process completion and follow-ups on speeding up the process.

Predefine the communication touchpoints based on various stages of the customer success lifecycle….



The more real-time data you have on your financials, the easier it is to balance the books at the end of each month.

With our custom business process automation solutions, you can -

Store data in a central database.

Set up data syncs.

Automate backups for your accounting software, client management, eCommerce, or sales software, and other sources of information that won’t disagree with each other.

Track and monitor processes.

Enhance workforce allocation.

This frees you up to focus on making financial decisions for your business with all the information in front of you instead of spending time chasing down each receipt and expense.



We help you connect your inventory with thousands of apps to enable automation. Be it updating product category descriptions and rates, connecting logistics to the delivery system, automating vendor payments, or automatic inventory write-off, we enable easy automation.

Not only this we also help - 

Automatically trigger workflows in other apps whenever there are updates to customers, sales, suppliers, payments, and more.

Track inventory levels in real-time.

Eliminate stock miscalculations.

Streamline store reporting.

This lets you devote your time to more crucial business matters. Collab with dear inventory systems.



Right from sourcing the right talent for open roles to scheduling interviews and employee onboarding, HR deals with a lot of organizational workflows. Hence, there’s a chance of missing out on some details.

To ensure your HR operations work smoothly and efficiently, we create custom automation solutions. This enables -

Automating recruitment interview scheduling.

New employee onboarding.

Triggering automatic emails, messages, and alerts.

Clock-in and clock-out solutions.

Microsoft Team praise reporting system.




We understand what you need & provide solutions accordingly.

We analyze the ongoing business processes through current state analysis.

We create a deliverable list with an action plan to get the desired outcomes.

We develop and deliver automated business processes as per the plan.

We are always available to hear improvement and mould solution.


  • What technologies should be chosen for MVP?
    Here are some of the technologies that can be used to build an MVP: Node.js Django Express.js Laravel Firebase C# React Angular Vue.js Bootstrap Material Design HTML, CSS, JavaScript The choice of technology will depend on the specific requirements of your MVP, the resources available, and your development team's expertise. Some technologies are better suited for building complex back-end systems, while others are more suitable for building user interfaces. The most appropriate technology will depend on your MVP's needs and your project's goals.
  • How long will it take to build MVP?
    An MVP for a startup idea can be built in a variety of times depending on several factors, such as the product's complexity, the size of the development team, and the available resources. Building an MVP can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 4 months. An MVP should not be created to build the perfect product but rather to gather user feedback and validate the product idea. In other words, the focus should be on providing the minimum features that provide users value. Thus, MVP timelines are subject to specific product goals and requirements.
  • How big should the MVP team be?
    An MVP can typically be built by two to three developers, while a complex MVP may require five to ten developers. Depending on the size and complexity of the MVP, a project manager, designer, and quality assurance engineer may also be necessary. A good MVP begins with assembling the right team with the right skills and expertise. Developing a high-quality MVP requires a dedicated, motivated, and focused team.
  • What is MVP for startups?
    In software development and product design, MVP stands for "Minimum Viable Product." Before investing more time, money, and resources into developing a product, it is essential to build the most straightforward version that still provides value to the user and can be tested and validated as a testing and validation tool. MVPs are intended to identify a product's market fit and collect user feedback and data to inform future product development.
  • An MVP development company may be a good choice, but why?
    Outsourcing your MVP development to an offshore company has several advantages, including: Low operating costs are one of the benefits of offshore development companies, which can reduce their prices. Startups and small businesses can benefit from this method. A wide range of experienced developers and designers can be found at offshore development companies, enabling you to get the expertise you need for your project. Getting your MVP developed quickly and efficiently by working with offshore development companies is possible. In the meantime, you can focus on your core business while your MVP is being developed because you can scale up or down as needed. Offshore development companies can work from different time zones around the clock, so you can make the most of different time zones to maximise your productivity. A shorter timeline will make it easier for you to get your MVP out to market in a shorter period of time. Spend more time and resources on your core business: Efficient MVP development frees up time and resources for your core business. Increasing efficiency and speed can help you grow your business. Outsourcing MVP development to an offshore company can be a cost-effective and efficient way to get your MVP to market quickly and efficiently.
  • What is the Cost of building MVP?
    The cost of developing MVP ranges from $10K USD to $40K USD descending on the scope and team size.
  • Why is automation a must in the business process?
    Business process automation helps businesses improve transparency and accountability. Companies can access curated data to find relevant information anytime. All process-related communication becomes easier, and workflow management becomes smoother.
  • When is it the right time to consider automating business processes?
    Businesses that have structured processes (document handling, invoice processing, employee hiring, talent search, etc.) should consider opting for Business Processes Automation Solutions at the earliest. Automating the workflow helps reduce the burden on your workforce while eliminating manual errors.
  • How to implement the automated business processes in the company?
    Business process automation combines business process optimization by integrating IT solutions. In order to make your workflow easier, you will have your BPA service provider create custom made solutions to your business needs. There will be test runs to make sure that the solutions crafted for you will function in their best capacity with your devices.
  • What are the top benefits of getting custom made Business Processes Automation solutions?
    There are numerous benefits behind investing in custom-tailored BPA solutions, such as: Repetitive tasks get done on the scheduled time. Increases employee productivity and efficiency. Improves business process efficiency. Eliminates human errors, helping great outcomes. You can monitor Live critical data and company reports easily with one click.

Naturally, the actual benefits of the custom-made Business Processes Automation depend on what process is being automated. So get custom-made solutions based on your business requirements to rip the maximum benefits.

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