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  • 5+ Yrs. Experience in Building Complex & Innovative Front-Ends
    Expertise On Latest Technologies Such as React, Angular & Vue.js
  • Application Re-engineering For Enabling Rapid Business Transformation
  • 100,000 Man-Hours Experience of Cross-Platform Development
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UI/UX Developer

Techovarya solutions is a front-end development company that specializes in delivering smart user experience by bridging appearance and functionality. We ensure that our front-end development services integrate well with external technologies and other web services.

Our front-end designers are trained to understand customer objectives and business logic, to deliver with unique and top-notch solutions. As a leading frontend development company, we have delivered hundreds of projects leveraging technologies, like React, React Native, Angular, and Vue.js

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Front End Architecture And Design
Front-end development is the practice of producing code for your website or web app so that a user can see and interact with your product directly. We work to improve the quality of your front-end code while creating a highly efficient and sustainable work flow.
Testing And Performance Tuning
Most systems respond to an increased load with some degree of decreasing performance. We will test your web applications through a wide array of methods to find out the errors, and correct those declared faults, resulting in speedy database search results for your customers and clients.
UI / UX Development
By understanding your business requirements, we will design for you easy-to-navigate software, translating your requirements into style guides, design systems, design patterns and attractive user interfaces.
Custom JavaScript Based Solutions
Javascript is a most versatile and dynamic computer programming language used universally. With its help, we will execute complex actions on your behalf to enable a smooth interaction of the visitors on your website.
Re-engineering Business Processes
We will identify, analyze, and re-design your organization's core business processes with the mission of attaining improvements in critical performance measures, like quality, cost, speed, and service.
CMS & eCommerce Theme Development
We will build for you, a software application that allows multiple personnel in your company to create, edit and publish digital website content without them having to write the code.
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