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IoT-based SaaS Solution

for Compliance and Quality Monitoring in Food Industry


Food quality monitoring system for QSR



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Biggest Fast Food Chain in the World


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IoT-based SaaS Solution for Compliance and Quality Monitoring in Food Industry

Emerson, a leading IoT services provider, partnered with Techovarya Solutions to create an IoT-based SaaS application for a major global fast-food chain. The solution aimed to monitor and analyze temperatures in the kitchen and food storage equipment, such as refrigerators, to ensure food quality and safety. This innovative system not only improved the fast-food chain's operational efficiency but also helped them comply with food department regulations for quality monitoring purposes.

The Story of Emerson and the Global Fast- Food Chain Partnership

Emerson, a prominent player in IoT services, collaborated with a major global fast-food chain to address their food quality and safety monitoring needs. The fast-food chain recognized the importance of maintaining optimal temperatures in their kitchens and food storage equipment to ensure food safety and adhere to strict food department regulations.

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The Challenge: Food Safety Compliance and Quality Monitoring

Maintaining the right temperature in the kitchen and food storage equipment is crucial for the fast-food chain to guarantee food safety and comply with regulatory standards. Failure to do so could lead to severe penalties, damage to their reputation, and potential health hazards for customers. Thus, the fast-food chain sought an efficient, automated, and reliable system to monitor and analyze temperature data and facilitate compliance with food department guidelines.

Why the Emerson Chose Techovarya Solutions

Emerson selected Techovarya Solutions as their technology partner for

Expertise: Co-founder's education and business background

Proven Track Record: Successful case studies showcasing Techovarya's ability to deliver results

Customization: A tailored approach to address the fast-food chain's specific requirements

Innovation: Techovarya's cutting-edge technology stack can adapt to evolving needs


How Techovarya Solutions Addressed the Fast-Food Chain's Challenge

Techovarya Solutions developed a comprehensive IoT-based SaaS application to enable the fast-food chain to monitor and analyze temperatures in their kitchens and food storage equipment continuously. The solution incorporated the following features'.

Data Integration and Analysis: The IoT-based SaaS application gathers data of temperature, humidity, and pressure to monitor food storage areas. We integrated the data onto a centralized platform. The system analyzed the data in real-time, providing valuable insights into the performance of kitchen and food storage equipment.

Alerts and Notifications: The application generated automatic alerts and notifications for any deviations in temperature, humidity, or pressure. These timely alerts allowed the fast-food chain to take immediate corrective action, ensuring food safety and preventing spoilage.

Comprehensive Reporting: Techovarya's solution generated detailed reports covering temperature, humidity, and pressure data for each piece of equipment. These reports facilitated audits and ensured compliance with food department regulations on quality monitoring.

By implementing this IoT-based SaaS solution, Techovarya Solutions empowered the fast-food chain to maintain food safety standards, comply with food department regulations, and enhance operational efficiency. The continuous monitoring and real-time data provided by the system ensured a seamless and proactive approach to managing food quality and safety.


Improved Food Safety and Compliance for the Fast-Food Chain

The IoT-based SaaS solution provided by Techovarya Solutions delivered the following outcomes for the fast-food chain:

Connected 40k IoT ensors to enhance food safety through continuous temperature monitoring and analysis

Making 40k calls/minute to provide real-time alerts for temperature deviations, enabling quick corrective action

Detailed reports to facilitate audits and ensure adherence to quality monitoring requirements


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