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Having a SaaS product or maintaining a suite of multiple integrated software tools have become pivotal businesses.

Free SaaS software

While thinking of setting up a software environment on a whole new level, SaaS saves you from the hassles of excessive brainstorming.

In this piece, we are discussing the five types of must-have SaaS products for every enterprise.

Why is SaaS important?

SaaS is important because various teams and departments make a business work. In this modern age, businesses’ functioning requires super fast and seamless, unlike the conventional system of paper documents.

With changing times and market needs, the software is needed to be continuously upgraded, which again is a business in itself that requires ongoing research and development.

Having SaaS products save time and hassles of buying software and maintenance costs. The user has to use them and not care about anything else.

Besides, there are pay-as-you-go models in the market that allow business owners to pay only for the software package they choose.

With all that being said, let us gaze at a few of the most sought out SaaS categories that are important for a business to grow.


It’s the most critical function to run a business. Team communication is not restricted to the members of the team talking, but also file sharing and exchange of information.

One can find a variety of communication software in the market, but the top two are arguably Slack and ProofHub.


Slack is just a messaging app from the outside, but the app’s integrations are beyond compare.

The users can use it across multiple platforms and devices, and at the same time, it is equipped with excellent features such as; follow-up reminders, hyperlinking, tagging, etc.

The activities range from chatting to file sharing as well as integrating various third-party tools such as; Google Drive, Asana, Toggl, etc.

The control that Slack offers is granular, and the end product is smoothly refined. In addition, Slack is free for use up to 5 GB of cloud storage and 10,000 sent messages that can be read.

Slack comes in 4 packages with special offers for teams in India as of the year 2021; Free, Pro, Business+ and Enterprises Grid. The Pro costs $2.67 a month, and the Business Plus costs $5 a month. All packages are billed monthly.


ProofHub is a project management software (web-based) and can be used to manage, communicate the work with the clients and the team at a central place.

ProofHub bears a feature for instant messaging, file sharing, API. Automatic notifications, and a lot more. The users can integrate this application with Box, Google Drive, Microsoft, Outlook and FreshBooks, and more.

There are three different packages for ProfHub. Essential, Ultimate control and a free version. The crucial costs around $50 a month, and the Ultimate control costs around $100 a month. Both of them are billed annually.

CRM: Customer Relationship management

CRM is a technology that helps the company to maintain consistency in relationship with the existing and newly acquired customers along with new prospects

Whenever the acronym CRM is mentioned, it refers to the ‘customer relationship management tool. So far, Salesforce has been ruling the industry with CRM as one of its features. Apart from that, Infusionsoft (Keap) has been making noise in the niche of the CRM market.


Heavily customizable and scalable, Salesforce offers the users with multitenant architecture and over the top security.

The software is so secure that the giants like Spotify and Adidas readily use the software for their functionalities.

Since there is a multitenant architecture, users of a small and a big business both have the same features that they can use.


Now Keap® fka Infusionsoft is second only to Salesforce. The software is known for generating leads and classic integration support. InfusionSoft is also known for follow-ups and creating over the top landing pages as well.

The aggressive company is currently offering a 14-day trial without having to use your credit card.


No organization or business can exist without customer support backing it up. The representatives are experts in what is happening, and just that wouldn’t help as well. The reps need firm software to help them communicate with their customers.


The software is better known for its marketing abilities. Still, the recently released product known as HubSpot Service Hub is a helpdesk assistant that enables the users to share inboxes and keeps everyone updated with the current status of the proceedings. The software includes customer satisfaction surveys as well.

Any HubSpot CRM user can connect with customers’ profiles through the service hub, which in turn gives better insights to the support teams. The software starts with the starter pack of $45 per month.


This is a service that allows the agents and customers to connect via a shared platform. The UI is simple and will probably remind you of Gmail. The best part is that the agents don’t need the training to get started with the software.

The tool can also be integrated with applications like Salesforce. The license fee for this tool is not much, and the users can begin with their premium plan that is free for the first 15 days.


Project management can be tricky and messy. But, thanks to SaaS, some tools make it easier.


Trello is a project management tool that project managers can best use to keep track of tasks they have created. Trello is used by giants like Google, RedHat and Adobe. The users are capable of creating boards for their new projects and signing the users with specific tasks. The owners can also invite other team members so that they can collectively work on a task.


Asana is a task management application that helps users to create action items and to-do lists. The software has a free version for beginners and trials. It is an easy-to-use software where the users may create a workspace and then add the projects that list the priority tasks. Users can collaborate across multiple teams where they can manage WIP, deadlines in a timebound system.


In recent years, the whole graphics sector has been booming so heavily that the users have become UX centric. Today the visuals and the formats they are available to have gone to another level of metamorphosis and finesse. Whether we talk about marketing and advertising or mobile application creatives, these businesses can not go much far without an upmarket UI, UX, and creatives. Therefore a range of tool choices is available to create, manage and share the designs.


The graphic designers use this tool so that the content for the website is correctly placed and the blogs, articles etc., can be appropriately executed. There are templates available to accommodate various screen sizes and social media platforms for the best visibility.

The users can begin with these ready to use templates and add more than 300 members to their team to work more efficiently.


This collaborative UI design tool is browser-based and not like Sketch that runs entirely as a local application in macOS. The software can be run on Windows, Linux and can also offer API.

Much of Figma’s current success is driven by its ability to spread within companies.


SaaS has developed itself a lot more than just software as a service. It is now actually a billion-dollar industry. In addition, the SaaS platforms are now covering most of the work that had to be done by a large workforce, saving up a lot of resources at the same time.

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