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Virtual Expo Platform for Target A&M agency by Techovarya Solutions

Empowering Target A&M's Event Management with

Innovative Technology


Technology Innovation For Target A&M’s


Noshir Kasad - CEO | Petrusp Kasad - COO




Indian Online Food Ordering And Delivery Platform

Buyer Persona

Foodies, Busy professionals, Socializers, Budget,
Loyalists, tech-savvy

Target Group:

Busy Professionals, Night-Shift Professionals,
Millennials With Smart Phones, 18-55-year-olds

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Empowering 'Target A&M' with Virtual & Hybrid Expo Technology

In the dynamic realm of event management and exhibitions, Target Advertising & Marketing (A&M) excelled as a leading agency, specializing in organizing trade fairs, expositions, and large-scale events across 17 nations to boost tourism, trade, and commerce. 

However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges, disrupting their operations due to the decline in tourism-dependent businesses. Recognizing the urgent need for innovation, Target A&M's leaders sought a technology partner to transition their traditional event model into a virtual and hybrid experience. 

Techovarya Solutions emerged as the perfect collaborator, offering expertise in cutting-edge technologies and a proven track record of tailored solutions. With this partnership, Target A&M aimed to sustain its client service and foster economic growth amidst adversity.

The Kasad Brothers' Journey with Target Advertising & Marketing

Target Advertising & Marketing (A&M), led by Noshir and Petrusp Kasad since 1983, has become a standout success in event management, specializing in trade fairs and expositions.

Their ISO 9001:2008 certification underscores their dedication to quality. Recognized by CRISIL, ISO, and the Limca Book of Records, their achievements highlight their industry impact. With partnerships spanning 17 countries, they promote global tourism, trade, and commerce. 

It is under the Kasad brothers' strategic leadership that the company has struggled through challenges, adapted to market shifts, and embraced innovation, solidifying its position as a market leader.

Navigating Crisis: Target A&M's Journey Through the Pandemic

Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented blow to industries, including Target Advertising & Marketing (A&M). Event management and exhibition services are at the heart of their core business, so the crisis brought them to a halt.

As governments enforced strict travel restrictions, the once-thriving tourism sector suffered a severe decline. Several countries heavily dependent on tourism, including the Maldives, where tourism makes up 18% of GDP, are struggling economically.

As Target A&M specialized in organizing large-scale trade shows and expositions, not being able to host physical events was problematic. Partnerships forged to promote tourism, trade, and commerce were suddenly put to the test.

Due to social distancing guidelines and public health concerns, Target A&M's traditional offline events became unviable. At a crossroads, the company was facing potentially losing substantial revenue streams and jeopardizing client trust.

Target A&M quickly turned to innovative tech solutions to blend physical and virtual realms, ensuring ongoing support for trade, commerce, and tourism despite challenges.

Target A&M's Journey Through the Pandemic.webp

Why Target A&M Chose Techovarya Solutions

Due to uncertainty, Target A&M is looking for a tech partner to help navigate the pandemic. Amid contenders, Techovarya Solutions emerged as the frontrunner, distinguished by key factors:

Pedigree: Techovarya's founders boasted robust educational and business backgrounds, instilling confidence in their problem-solving abilities.

Exposure: Drawing from experience in diverse markets, Techovarya offered a global outlook crucial for Target A&M's needs.

Mettle: Target A&M valued Techovarya's commitment to tackling challenges at their core, backed by logical problem-solving methods.

Team & Tech Stack: With skilled professionals and cutting-edge technologies, Techovarya ensured innovative, robust solutions.

​How Team Techovarya Solutions Solved Target A&M’s Problems

​When Target A&M's future was uncertain, Techovarya Solutions responded quickly and strategically to address urgent challenges. As a result of the critical transition to virtual platforms, Techovarya recommended the creation of a cutting-edge "Virtual Expo Platform." With this unique technology, Target A&M was able to easily create hybrid and virtual events, allowing buyers and visitors to experience trade fairs and expos from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

The Virtual Expo Platform was meticulously designed to capture the immersive spirit of actual events. By using straightforward online scheduling and communication options, attendees were able to easily explore the digital area, examine goods, and services, and interact with exhibitors. Additionally, Techovarya's insight went beyond the current crisis, predicting a gradual return to physical events. Consequently, the platform was designed to be a hybrid solution, allowing future events to include both virtual and in-person components.

Following Techovarya's presentation, Target A&M executives felt a sense of excitement. Not only did the suggested solution address their immediate concerns, but it also opened up new possibilities for development. Through this collaboration, Target A&M and Techovarya Solutions reshaped the event sector and solidified their status as digital pioneers.

A Cutting-Edge Solution for Target A&M

Collaborative efforts with Techovarya Solutions resulted in the creation of the Virtual Expo Platform, replicating physical expo environments digitally.

Advanced technologies like Angular and .NET Core were employed for a responsive front-end and robust backend functionality.

The platform facilitated seamless hosting of events, webinars, and roadshows in the digital realm, eliminating geographical limitations and health concerns.

Anticipated benefits include a projected 30-40% increase in engagement and new opportunities for global promotion of tourism, trade, and commerce.


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